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Rob Phillips original from Salvador, Bahia Brazil, his career start at 5 years ago, when only with 20 years old, he became one of the newest djs / producers of the electronic scene, thanks to his talent, very soon remarked by renowned international Dj’s, and clubbers, fast he start to be invited to play at circuit parties and clubs worldwide.
Rob Phillips is synonymous with quality, originality and professionalism, constantly on the rise, and very proud to be one of the DJs' residents of the prestigious San (Salvador).
Each one of his sets is unique, always with a contagious energy, his music transcends the quality, with strong tones and full of character, printing his musical signature, turning his own sound recognized. His natural talent extends from the Dj booth, which has reaped praise for his performances, always maintaining a good quality and construction.
Currently, the producer has a leading position in some of the major record labels and electronic seals, which is constantly invited to sign and release remixes for major artists of the scene. Among the prestigious labels are: EPride Music Digital, Queen House Music, Guareber Recordings, Audio4Play and Matinée Music, one of the most important circuit seals in the world.


WE Party (ES), Gibus (FR), Beyond Afterhours (UK), Kluster Club (EX), Posh Club (PT), Destination Club (CN), I:M Circuit Music Festival (South Korea), Taurus Group (CL), Wake Up! @ Bunker Group (CO), Dark House @ Selva Festival (CL), The
The Week Brazil (BR), Original Brazilian Pool Party (RJ), Festa da Lili (DF), Bigger (SP), E*JOY (SC), Solaris @ Mahal (MG), I Love Mahal (MG), Sweat (ES), Trip (PR), Republika (DF), Move Music (ES), Brave (Brasília/DF), Avalon Club (GO), Euphoria (SP), Cantho Club (São SP), Basement (RJ), Red Club (PI), Mad Haus (PE), Pulse Club (SP), DS Club (CE), ZooAllTribes (PE), Armazenn (AE), The Club International (São VSP), D.LED Club (SC).


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