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PLUGTRONIC - Alberto Ponzo joins the team at the largest GLS club in Latin America

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Alberto Ponzo joins the team at the largest GLS club in Latin America

December started with the right foot for Dj Alberto Ponzo. In addition to having a well-established health care career, Dj Minero, who is one of the most well-known names especially in Vitória and São Paulo, and made presentations at various clubs in the country, joined the team of residents of The Week, the largest club in the GLS segment in Latin America. In addition to it, the DJs Tommy Love, Mauro Mozart and Enrry Sena were also confirmed.

The announcement was already awaited. After the clash he made in his debut at the club, where he made an impeccable set in the track Collors, Ponzo was invited to join the line up of the party "Lenhadores", which premiered last Friday, November 20, and featured decoration thematic, a lot of beautiful people, and the elegant warm up of DJ João Neto, who combined meticulously deep house tracks. Alberto entered the dance floor around 3 in the morning, and once again, his progressive house made the joy of the São Paulo hipsters who tore praise. In the last edition of "The Week's Got Talent", a contest made by the club in search of a new talent for its editions held fortnightly on Sundays, the DJ was cheered from his ascent to the pick-up, where he made a back 2 back super relaxed with Fabio Marx. Whether applauding, jumping, or singing, the public went to the delirium on the spot, on a very rainy afternoon in the capital of São Paulo, willing to absorb all the positive energy that transcends in their live acts (we published a video on our fan page on facebook of a little bit of performance). If you've been curious, and want to know better than this great bet on the market, check out their set in The Week, worth every second:

Dj Alberto Ponzo playing Patrick Sandim Feat Amannda - Can U Feel It